Top 7 ways to boost libido

If long marital experience was a bad influence on your sexual desire, do not rush to put an end to the intimate life. Accept viagra, and maybe following these tips will help to return to sex former sharpness.

1. Change contraceptives

Hormonal changes greatly affect the libido. Oral contraceptives reduce the production of testosterone, and with it goes the desire. Even if you don’t take the pill and still check your hormonal status.

2. Pay attention to other medications

Some prescription medications reduce libido. In addition to the aforementioned contraceptives, this medication of high blood pressure, heartburn, anxiety and depression. But remember – the abolition or replacement of any drugs is only possible after consultation with the doctor!

3. Divide household duties

If the woman drags on itself all housekeeping, she simply does not remain forces on sex, as well as desires. The intimate side of married life often suffers because of the household.

4. Make housing suitable for sex

If your bed used to sleep a cat with a dog if the kids get my husband to bed, all these lovely family traditions, alas, over time, destroy interest in sex.

5. Use grease

It is impossible to increase libido if sex causes you pain. In any pharmacy you can buy a huge variety of lubricants – choose the one you prefer.

6. Get rid of stress

Stress factor reduces sexual desire stronger than life and mutual exhaustion. Need to find some way of relieving stress. Their great variety – from yoga and meditation to reading nice books before going to sleep.

7. Eat right

Healthy heart diet helps to increase libido. The higher the level of cholesterol in the blood, the more difficulty achieving orgasm in women, as proven by science. Cholesterol interferes with the normal blood supply of pelvis area, reducing the sensitivity of the female genital organs. And men just have a problem with erection.

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