Pills from impotence

Ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner denies that he took the pills from impotence

Ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Holly Madison has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a medicine for improving an erection. As reported by TMZ, the model and actress came across on the Internet an article about pharmaceutical companies Blackcore region on the website that hosted her interview. In the interview, she supposedly spoke about their relationship with 90-year-old publisher of Playboy and praised the drug called the Dr. Oz which helps them to solve problems of a sexual nature.

– He took a pill after 15 minutes, blood flows, and the erection at Hugh had become strong and stand, as the 18-year-old, – quotes its words the edition.

Holly said in the lawsuit that not only these facts are not true, but she never gave this interview. She sued for using her name and image without permission, and falsification. As it turned out, not only Hefner and Madison have fallen victim to false advertising. On the Internet showed a fake interview Angelina Jolie, who also thanked the company and the miracle pill for treatment of impotence in brad pitt.

Madison and Hefner dated in 2000 (Holly was one of the many girlfriends of Playboy Creator between 2001 and 2008). In 2013, ex-girlfriend married the actor Pasquale Rotella, and their daughter rainbow 3 years, and my son Forrest – six months.


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