The fear of death

What is death is an indication that a person’s life is over. He is exempt from troubles in life, and his fate continues just in another dimension. Having regular test, the person is sent to another world to continue it there, but in another life figure because all that awaited him there is strength as well as here on earth. People on the structure is arranged so that everything he prepares himself here on earth, he sends back. It should not scare those properties of the energy of other dimensions just to get into the access area and not to lose yourself there. Its complex structure is designed so that it always sits fear, no matter what. But the fear of it is fear. Fear of death is not so terrible. It has such a structure as the fear of exam, fear of childbirth, fear to overcome something, etc. This is an important factor, but it has its own meaning.

Death is so strong that when you are afraid of it. It escalate like a snowball and loses his mind when the fear exhausts your expectations and the person is automatically subjected him and into the zone of reach for themselves. It loses its structure and is absorbed completely with this energy. It is unsustainable, but has a fresh smell similar to the smell of loss and emptiness that completely fills you and covers your body fully. This device her mind. Although it would seem that the mind at death is not, as is emptiness. But no such luck. It’s such a suspension of the relationship of mind and desperation to find the range between them is impossible.

Fear shrouded the fact that he has no positive energy, because it works only on negative emotions and are only susceptible to stunning effect in the forecast. He brings in the brain, these peripheral signals mind that not everyone with this and cope. This prediction of effective outcome in mind.

But there are other ways and types of meeting him, that is, with the fear of the mind. It is aimed primarily at the projection of internal and external indicators. This is addressed to those people who, at least, try to overcome. But if you do not fight, you can get in the abyss of events. These events have a fact to true and to send its tentacles exactly where you direct. And manages all of these it is fear. That’s what fear is. He is all-powerful to the weak and to strong. There is no difference and boundaries to anyone.

No matter what life level you are. All arranged so skillfully that it is deceived in himself, it is simply impossible.
It absorbs everything in its path and directs the victim to exactly where and indicate the direction of the vector of fear. This vector has only one direction. Reverse is not there. One input and one output.

But there is a way out of it? Of course.

It happens so quietly and with a space velocity that to think is not necessary. We can only wish them the best. This is addressed to all people, no matter what material level they are, what the social status is observed, spiritual worship, etc all the same. All are equal before this is not a very friendly word of fear, especially death. We all have the ability to govern themselves. This administration, which is in the mind and rescues from his enemy to himself. And the enemy is you yourself. And no one can save you, as only you yourself are capable, or to save or to expose themselves to this fate – like death.

Then, they are the indicators of life and death, which are addressed to themselves. And everyone decides for itself: to live or to cease to exist on earth. It’s up to each of us. And only we are responsible for their choices. And he we are all different and one. You decide the Lord: to live or not to live?

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