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How to re-educate her husband

I often hear from acquaintances, friends, clients complaints in men. Women blame the men in the lack of initiative, irresponsibility, selfishness, narcissism. Soon make a statement that all the difficulties will be to handle it yourself, making a decision to live that way.
But time passes, and women are alone in their desires, dreams, hopes, and his life will not meet representatives of the stronger sex. These women support their families, resolve problems, protect yourself and your loved ones.

The word, guiding them, it becomes the word “duty”. They are not thinking: “I should…”. Thus, men find themselves in a position of competition with the women who once the decision to live “like a man”.

IT is a little variants: either to accept these rules, or to leave dependent, or find a warm hearth. Think about it: being a man, will HE to ITS war. To fight for a woman with a man and to fight for a woman with a woman is absolutely different things. Thus, the one that nature to obey, and to provide a reliable rear, literally, “castrates” all the men in its path.

Every time modern women hear the word “obey” their hits like the shock. Terrible to be helpless, dependent, vulnerable, needing the protection… But this is the hidden feminine wisdom.

We have been given a great gift. Women’s destiny is to give birth to children, ideas, talents, and accomplishments; help your man to implement his plans, save that he laid at your feet.
We cannot fully feel the masculinity of men, yet not disclose their true femininity. If your internal balance is weighted in favor of masculinity, you therefore begin to teach “cut” and fight with a man. If the bowl is leaning in the favor of femininity, you’ll be able to take man as he is, to expand the scope of its possibilities, to help him become even better.
That is why with confidence I can say that we can re-educate their men.

I’ll tell you how to do it.

Education should begin not when you’re married, Dating or just met. Education begins when you wear it underneath my heart.

The mother is the first woman in a man’s life, and warmth in their relationship largely determines the behavior of men in the future family. The mother does not need to become for his son “guy”. She expressed unconditional love, affection, care towards his son and sometimes the women’s helplessness, giving the opportunity to take care of yourself. It is noticed that strong men grow weak mothers. The woman by nature endowed with a special softness and tenderness; it tends to be weak, need protection and support.
Teach your son to live with negative feelings, to overcome difficulties and failures, not run from them. In the future it will be less isolated in their experiences.

Of course, the lion’s share in raising the boy plays the father, elder brother or grandfather, but we’ll discuss this in the next article.
Today we make the choice to raise its.., which are then called us STE.. or educate these men for our daughters. It is important to understand that properly educating, we sow seeds that will later bear fruit.

You ask, and what are we to do with their men and husbands?
How to live with the man you chose, do not you carried him under your heart?

First and foremost, to say thank you to those who raised him. After all, you chose this man for the best that it has. And this is the best his parents.

What to do with the worst of it?

Returning to our purpose: to accept and obey. If this is the man, next to which you more good than bad – engage in self-education. I would not recommend you subjugation and repression themselves. I suggest you to give your man more love, to give him the opportunity to believe in themselves and become better. Work on yourself – the most difficult of all jobs in the world, because there is nothing harder and more grateful than to teach yourself to think and act in new ways.

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