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High expectations and pressure interfere with the intimate life of the people

Perfect sex scenes on the screen give rise to unrealistic expectations among couples. However, many people complain that they are not satisfied with intimacy and passion is gone from the relationship. According to the survey, such people are sure that their friends and colleagues for more intense sex life. This adds to the frustration. Communication and understanding in the pair begins to crumble.

Experts believe that it is necessary to focus not on action, pleasure, happiness and emotional intimacy. Need to consider sex as an important and positive part of life and couples in General. The relationship and the level of sexual gratification intertwined. If partners have more realistic expectations about sex if they received a good education in psychology and gender relations, they will have increased levels of sexual satisfaction.

A healthy lifestyle translates into good health, and it is important for sex life. But the Foundation of pleasure, the relaxation. So you want to keep anxiety under control. In addition, touching and emotional pleasure should be valued the same as sex. A positive sexual experience should be more important than negative (fear, psychological pressure and fear of failure should be forgotten).

The sex in a relationship there are a few basic functions. It’s fun, stress relief, maintaining self-esteem, the formation of intimacy, recreation. For obtaining a positive result should follow a number of rules. Pleasure should cause the excitement, the pleasure should raise their own arousal, and role-playing games in a broad sense. According to scientists, in long-term relationships, many believe that the level of excitation should remain the same as in the beginning of the relationship. The situation is aggravated by the fact that a person begins to perceive the partner as a given. But it’s not. Taking into account that no one can read the thoughts of another, you first need to determine their desires, to Express them, and then learn about your partner’s wishes.

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