The schools will conduct “lessons of kindness”

´┐╝In Russian schools will hold lessons of tolerance towards people with disabilities. Guidelines and presentations for schools will be prepared by the Ministry of education and science until the end of 2016. Teachers will be able to answer most questions related to disability, dispel the stereotypes about people with disabilities, talk about an accessible environment for people with disabilities and etiquette with such people, also will help to develop in children tolerant attitudes towards people with disabilities.

The classes will be held annually in all classes from the first to the eleventh. They will be organized in the framework of the state program “Accessible environment” for 2011-2020.

Mikhail Terentyev, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs, Chairman of the all-Russian society of disabled people, has supported the initiative of the Ministry, however, said that holding such lessons is different. “Of course, it is necessary to carry out such “lessons of kindness”, not only on the basis offered. I have offered to conduct them on the basis of the potential that is hidden in the person with disabilities. As he overcomes difficulties and reaches, for example, success in creativity or sports, to see a man with a capital letter, as he did in a particular situation and didn’t give up. After all, if a man lowers his hands, his life quickly ends, and if it is active and creative, such people often reach greater heights than even people without disabilities,” he said.

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