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Spiritual psychologists appeared in Chelyabinsk the cancer hospital

On the territory of the regional cancer center had a temple. However, the new building, according to doctors, built not only for spiritual purification patients.

Building faith and hope for cancer patients. Terrible diagnosis albino put six months ago. The news shocked both the woman and her family. Only physicians chelyabink not hoped and believed, – all the will of God. Therefore, the opening of the temple in the hospital for her became a kind of salvation.

Albina, the patient cancer clinic: “I believe and I think that it helps me. And it is very good that there is a Church. Many will lose their faith, and here will come, will pray, stand up, and easier on the soul becomes.”

Elena Nikitina, the reporter: “Despite the fact that the temple cancer center new (he came here in the spring), these walls have long prayed. Before the temple stood on the North-West, and now moved here to give hope”.

However, the meaning of the sick of the Church not only in belief. Doctors explain, it was built for therapeutic purposes – it’s like a Department shrink, just alone with yourself.

Andrey Vazhenin, chief physician of the regional oncological dispensary: “the Temple is very popular, very popular. This can be seen as a powerful psychological, psychotherapeutic support, even if you completely remove a component of spirituality”.

Cancer now ranks second in the ranking of the most dangerous diseases. And his treatment is the cooperation of doctor and patient. The latter must be sure of recovery. That is why anabolico increasingly spiritual psychologists.

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