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Gait person, as he is aggressive

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth in the UK said that the manner of walking of the person reflects how he can be aggressive. Movement of the upper and lower parts of the body in the process of moving different people look different, and their high intensity may indicate a special irritability a walking person. In order to reveal this relation, employees of the University used the motion capture technology (Motion capture) used in the production of computer games, as well as a special questionnaires.

Only scientific was attended by 29 people. They all filled the questionnaire, questions which were designed to measure their level of aggression. In addition, they also answered five-factor questionnaire “Big five”, which is used to determine whether the person is impulsive, emotionally stable or unstable, introvert or extrovert, whether he is inclined to compromise. Then with the help of technology motion capture, the researchers analyzed how participants move in their usual step on the treadmill — as it moves the torso, the pelvis, and also how fast they go.

The study’s lead author Liam the Satchell commented that when walking, when a person is stepping with the left foot, the left half of the torso moves after her, his left shoulder goes back and the right forward to keep balance. The aggressive people are the amplitude of these movements more than calm. The results of data analysis confirmed this — those people, the level of aggression which was higher, movement was more sweeping. The researchers emphasized that it is the first work which scientifically confirms that the “aggressive walk” there. In their view, if employees of security companies will know how does the gait aggressive person, they may be able to prevent a likely attack.

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