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Men chose what to treat erectile dysfunction

The specialists of the international drug companies Teva researched methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction, popular among men of different ages, which can be treated sildenafil. The results of this work were announced by the Director of the company Sergey Beloborodov during a meeting with the chief urologist of the Department of health of Moscow Armais by Kamilovym.

The older the patient, the more serious and more responsible it comes to the choice of the scenario of erectile dysfunction, Beloborodov said. The survey respondents also showed that a popular drug to the male view should have 4 properties: security, reliability, ease of use and reasonable price. Three of these qualities (except for reliability) have pharmacy dietary Supplements. However, the Russian urologists can’t confirm their effectiveness, because most of such drugs has no real evidence of research.

“For all their health benefits, compared with individual drugs Supplements less effective. They do not help with organic disorders, acting only as a symptomatic drug,” said corresponding member of RAMS, Professor Kamalov.

He recalled that if even 20 years ago, erectile dysfunction ought to be treated by psychotherapists, doctors believe the disease is a systemic problem of the entire body. “It is based on vascular disorders (approximately 70%), which requires an integrated approach to the treatment of patients,” – says a leading expert.


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